Dreaming about Living on a Boat

Hi there. My husband and I are full of some big plans for our future. In about a year, we are going to retire, sell our current 33 foot Four Winns Cruiser, buy a Trawler, sell our home and head off on our big trip; The Great Loop.

Ramble On – our current boat (2020)

To prepare for our journey, we have a lot to do. We want to be well prepared so that we can fully enjoy our new life aboard.

One big part of the planning process for me is to learn how to thrive in a small space, including sleeping, organizing and, especially cooking and eating. I love to cook. Experimenting in the kitchen is my favourite pastime, with photography as a close second… Oh yeah, and boating of course. I’m used to a much larger kitchen in my home and a small Galley kitchen is going to be an interesting challenge.

Me on the style of trawler we want to buy soon

GalleyGoddess.ca is starting as a Blog for food where I can share my recipes. Its not just for cooking food in a normal way though. This will be food that can only be prepared in a small Galley kitchen, utilizing a limited amount of cupboard space, a limited amount of utensils and gadgets, and a limited amount of supplies. Wherever possible, I will try to keep it healthy(ish).

We aren’t living on the boat quite yet but we will be spending a lot of time on our current boat this year and I plan to practice all of my recipes in my Galley kitchen. My recipes are all prepared by me, utilizing only what I will have on my boat. Techniques such as Frying, Barbequing, Instant Pot and eating fresh food will all be part of the menu.

My big dream is that other boaters, people living in trailers, and whoever may be working with a small Galley kitchen will read and enjoy my recipes, let me know what they think, and share their ideas and experiences with me. This is a journey I don’t want to take alone and I’m hoping I can convince some good people to join me.


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